We Help Dental Practices Get 10-25 Invisalign & Dental Implant Appointments
Per Month

Stop letting Smile Direct Club steal all the high-paying customers from your clinic.

It’s time to use the Lead Nurturing Engine to transform your timid leads into lifelong clients.

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Our Philosophy

Our company culture is all about transparency, collaboration and respect for each other. We manage our clients’ advertising budget as if it was our own.

We are the A-Team that goes the extra mile and holds their clients' hand every step of the way.
But actions speak louder than words, so...

Watch Our Founder Jump into An Ice-Cold Lake in the Middle of November to Prove We Go Beyond Than What’s Reasonably Expected from Our Agency

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What We Offer:

A fully comprehensive client acquisition system via paid advertising.

It is the most efficient and streamlined service out there. All of our clients know if they are making money with us at the end of the month.

However, we don't work with anyone...

If you are looking to pay a ton of money for services (webdesign, PR services or content creation) that won't advance your business, then we are not for you.

But, if you are looking for an agency, a partner that helps you generate more revenue and acquire more clients then look no further.

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Companies That Trust Us:

"We spent multiple 5 figures (£) on ads with Jess and his team within a few months. And all in all, the results have been amazing!
Our main objective was to lower our Cost Per Lead (CPL) from around £29/Lead to £25/lead and over the long-term to £16/lead.

The industry we're in is incredibly competitive.
It was amazing that after only 4 short weeks of working with Jess, he not only achieved our £16/lead long-term objective, but the CPL went below £9/lead! Don't roll the dice on their competitors, these guys will get you the results you want. "

Joshua Nattrass
Big Clever Dad

"Jess saved us a tremendous amount of money...  The sales copy was high-quality, and he even provided another superb fact-based description, to ensure my product markets successfully.

The best part is that while conductinghis market research, he found an error on our product's label that we managedto correct just in time... 12 hours before printing out 200,000 of them.

Even though it wasn't his job to look for these kinds of details he went over and beyond. Highly recommended and I look forward to working with him in the future!"

Evan Yu

"Jesse has been amazing, the commitment and dedication to getting to know my business was awesome.

He left no stone unturned and was always open to helping me get things right.

Looking forward to doing more work with Jesse and his team in the near future."

Vinh Giang
Top 10 US Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

"It was a pleasure to work with Jess. From the outset he was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and clearly ready to go the extra mile.

…He has a great way with words and provided me with some great content for my landing page and ads. I'll most definitely work with Jess more in the future and recommend him thoroughly for any copy-writing project you might have!!"”

Asaf Shimoni

"Quick respond.

Specific advice. Helping attitude.

Very friendly communicator.

Clear recommendation."

Michael Hildebrandt

"Jess is a pleasure to work with, quick turn around and content was great.

Very clear communication and really eager to understand the needs of us, the client.

Will be working with him again"

Brent Kisil

"Excellent job!

Very professional and I would definitely work with him again.

Communication was great and the job wasdone well and on time."

Haeley Goldsmith
CreditFix Guy

"Thank you so much for creating well written, effective and engaging content for our client's landing page and Facebook ads.

The communication with Jess was very clear and it felt he was there for us for any request even after completing the project successfully. The result was more than satisfying and I am definitely planning to work with him in the future. Thank you!"
(Worked together on Precise-Int’s advertising)

Asaf Shimoni
ALT Digital Marketing LTD.
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Before you delve into the world of paid advertising, there’s a lot you can fix without spending a penny.

This FREE Report reveals 9 foolproof steps to make explode your traffic, leads and sales with simple shifts.


Meet Our Team

Hello there!
My name is Jesse Danku. I am the founder of Advanced Alliance Media.

Our testimonials are tangible proof of the effectiveness of our work.
And our case studies show what’s possible for a dental clinic when they take a leap of faith into the world of paid advertising while holding our hands.

Maybe you are ambitious and ready to get your business to the next level.
But I must warn you… We look for a very specific kind of client.

Maybe you are a great fit for us… and since you are reading this, it’d be our pleasure to find out…

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Bridget Dolgos
Chief Marketing Officer
Jennyfer Lim
Operational Manager
Paul Gegenyi
Creative Manager   
Jesse Danku
Chief Executive Officer

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Understand their increased revenue potential with Paid Advertising & LNS (Lead Nurturing System)

Attract more high-quality leads, and convert those leads into lifelong clients

Find a trustworthy and reliable marketing agency that make their practice a priority


Free 15-minute Discovery Call

By the end of this Audit Call you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to start generating a consistent number of qualified leads that are ready to become long-term clients.

Select a time on Jesse’s calendar to schedule your call with him today, and he will look forward to hearing about you and your business soon!

P.S.: At no point during our call will Jess hard sell or push a service down your throat that you don’t need. We hate BS like that as much as you do.

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We are going to send reminders by emails/text messages about your booked appointments.
You can opt out of the conversations any time. For further assisstance see our
Privacy Policy.

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How My Agency is Helping Dental Practices Receive a Flood of New Patients Using Paid Advertising &
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How we generate hot leads for our clients with predictability.

How we convert these leads into high-ticket clients using the Lead Nurturing Engine. (The Holy Grail of getting lifelong customers).

Why you need to “plug the holes” in your lead nurturing, before you can drive more traffic to your clinic.